Slim cam girl look hot in her pink panties


Last night I went to be feeling totally satisfied after my webcam sex with Sarah a hot brunette I met online, I had been feeling horny at work so when I got home I went straight to my computer to find a dirty cam slut with whom I could have some naughty fun, after searching for what seamed to be hour’s I came across Sarah a slim and very sexy cam girl in her early 20’s she looked ravishing, I spent a little time checking out her online profile she had some really hot pictures which where turning me on, I started to chat to her and although she is several years my junior we got on really well, she was lying there in pink panties and a pink crop, she wasn’t wearing the top it was merely draped over her breasts covering her modesty she looked so cute, I was getting hard thinking about what I would like to do to her.

She was telling me about her huge wardrobe of sexy outfits which she loves to wear and tease guy’s who come into her chat room and now it was my turn, I asked her to find some thing really sexy and put it on for me, she disappeared from view for a couples of minutes and the returned in a very short red skirt and white blouse, it wasn’t a long blouse but one of those that where meant to be tied under the bust which she did but left all the buttons undone, she had a neck tie in her hand which she put on it was already tied in a knot so she just slipped it over her head and adjusted it to fit, she lay on her bed stretched out looking gorgeous running her hands all over her body then pulling on the tie it came undone showing me her cleavage tossing the tie to the floor she then rolled over and got up on her hands and knees sticking her cute ass in the air and pointing it at the camera, then she knelt up straight with her back to me and took her blouse off letting it drop on the bed beside her, she covered her tit’s with her hands and turned around teasing me, I was getting pretty aroused by now and didn’t realise I had me cock in my hand and was steadily pumping away oh it felt so good. She slipped off the skirt and lay back down in only her pink panties then started to rub her snatch in small circles, I could see this was turning her on and then she took off her panties and pushed a couple of fingers inside her fanny and fucked her self, I just couldn’t hold myself any more and blow my cum all over me oh what a dirty slut Sarah turned out to be.

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